The Diagnosis: Micro-aggressions Definition: “brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights and insults toward black women. perpetrators of microwgrrsions are often unaware that they engage in such communications when they interact with racial groups”.
This is just the starting point. This is a place for you to arm yourself with some stats, facts and shameful acts that have disenfranchised black and brown people for hundreds of years, while black womxn & femmes fall victim to “misogynoir” most often.
Symptoms May Include: - Tone Policing ->”You sound aggressive.” - Hair grabbing -> “Why does it *FEEL* like that?” - Thinkinging appearing to be classically, aesthetically cis-gendered is a compliment -> “Oh, you’re transgender? You totally pass” - Assuming someone is not a native resident -> “Where are you from ORIGINALLY, though?” - Assuming black womxn/femmes are less intelligent -> “You sound white” - Reserving high intelligence for white individuals -> “You’re so articulate!” - Protection (denial) through association -> “I cant be racist, my best friend is BLACK.” - Criminality -> “I’m gonna need you to follow that black girl in the sundress. I know her type.” - Meritocracy -> “If they wanted to succeed, they would work harder.” - Food Elitism -> “It is NOT that hard to be vegan. Just eat more vegetables!” - Colorblindness aka “if i ignore it, it isn’t there!” -> “All lives matter.”
“Misogyny specifically directed at black women, as well as femme black individuals.”
The Cure: Unfortunately, there is no cure, and it seems your case is terminal. If you would like to ease your pain, I would suggest donating to one (or all) of the black womxn & femmes on our list. That ought to help you get some rest. Feel better. -Exhale x